In my books Poutine is synonymous with my Canadian Identity. To be Canadian is to smother my french fries in cheese curds and gravy. Well, Pretty much.

Prepare yourself Canada and Food Lovers! Because I have officially found my favorite Poutine. And it’s made with Vegetarian gravy! SMOKE’S POUTINERIE is now my prime location to score this all time favorite cultural good. And for all those Carnies out there (carnivores, of course) the selection won’t fail to blow your mind either.  Think of Smoke’s Poutinery as a factory making Poutine of all diferent kinds.  From there Double Pork Peppercorn Poutine, (with green peppercorn gravy, chipotle pulled pork, and double smoke bacon) to their Veggie Deluxe Poutine, (with caramelized onions, sauteed mushroom, and baby green peas) the creativity Smoke’s brings to this dish will amaze you.

As for little old me? Their new location in Ottawa opened up this summer and ever since then, I have quickly become dependent on my fix of Traditional Veggie Poutine, which consists of Hand-cut and custom seasoned fries, signature rich vegetable gravy, and eastern township cheese. curds. Check it…

Traditional Veggie
Traditional Veggie

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